Page2Stage Productions

Page2StageProductions creates Professional Performance Poetry Projects, and engages in all things that are The Humanities. 

Founder and CEO Wakefield Brewster, has been working in the Literary Arts and Literacy Sector for over two decades, combining the constructions of a company, with the creations of communities, via his primary passion – of Poetry.

He is a Professional Poet & Spoken Word Artist, Professional Poetic Interpreter™️, 3xCalgary Slam Poetry Champ, Resident Professional Poet & Spoken Word Artist of The Grand Theatre, Resident Artist for the TD INCUBATOR at Arts Commons, EAR Board Member and League of Canadian Poets Member. 

Wakefield builds communities by engaging in Volunteering, Leadership and Mentorship for Youth, and through The Arts. He’s an Advocate for Literacy and The Humanities, Healing Arts and Alternative Medicine, Alcoholism and Addictions, Mental Wellness and Recovery. 

Finally, he is also the Lead Therapist, owner and operator of WakeFull Wellness Registered Massage Therapy and HealingSpace, his private in-home registered Massage Therapy Clinic. 

It is inside of these seemingly separate, yet overlapping circles of Words and Wellness that Wakefield has been sought out to Feature  Perform, Event Headline, Guest Speak, Keynote Speak, Lecture, Workshop, Facilitate, Co-Create, collaborate, connect, Teach and Tenure. 

Page2StageProductions, as it revolves around Poetry and the Literary Arts, is essentially a tiny hub unto itself. As one voice, Wakefield has the chameleon-esque ability to present and produce a plethora of performances and personas, from pulpit to podium.  

In addition, finding himself in ever-increasing circles of greater diversity and smaller communities, he’s able to join unconnected peoples and groups together for their purposes of achieving particular similarly outcomes, employing Wakefield’s counsel and expertise in facilitation and Literary Enhancement. 

Even Private One-On-One Study is available at Page2StageProductions. Poets, Spoken Word Artists, Creative Writers of various genres, Public Speakers, People of all kinds engage in Powerful Private Sessions called PoeticReframing. Some have stated that this has been one of their most impactful poetic learning experiences, ever. 

Wakefield has the deepest conviction in a mission to assist another to find their voice, learn to use it and come to love it. 

Through Page2StageProductions, and due to the endless landscape of The Humanities, it is becoming a budding reality. A slow and forward movement towards an unknown non-destination, ultimately to happen upon countless Worlds of Words, Wellness and Wonder.