My World of Words

I have been an active Poet, Participant, Producer and Promoter in Canada’s Poetry and Spoken Word Communities since my very humble beginnings in Toronto in 1999. 21 years is almost half of my life that I’ve spent fiercely and ferociously spearheading Poetry and Spoken Word into every single circle of society I can infiltrate. I state that with conviction as Poetry has almost forever been seen and viewed as a ‘thing’ for Poets and Poetry Appreciators alone, and that is simply incorrect. I say that I infiltrate societal circles with Poetry because that description is apt and accurate. I have taken Poetry hostage from the stage, kicking and screaming, and I have effectively wrestled it to the floor, where all of the People are standing—ALL of the People.

I am a Poet of My People.

I have created a Trifecta of Living that I feel defines me. I believe that I live in the Humanities, I’m an Advocate for Literacy and my vehicle is Poetry.

My World of Wellness

I have been bringing Poetry to students for all of my 21 years with my company, Page2StageProductions, formerly, ‘b. funkee productionz’. The last 14 years of my life have been in this great cultural capital of Canada and it is here, that I truly began to explore the endless possibilities of what my Poetry does and what it may do. Students whom I’ve taught, range from Grades 3 to 12, college, university and PhD levels, to give you a spectrum of how wide an audience I teach and reach.

It is here in Calgary that I began to really notice the students that I was reaching in particular; those of the ‘disenfranchised’ communities. I’m referring to those students with lives, obstacles and challenges that go beyond those norms of their friends and peers if they even possess circles of such. I have been identifying and tapping into people that are isolated, trapped inside of themselves, unable to reach out, unable to cope and unable to connect. I have always professed that Poetry allows me to relate to the reality of my surroundings. I am beginning to show others that they may, too.

Land Acknowledgement

I am here in Mohkinstsis, the original Blackfoot name of Calgary which means: “Where the Bow River and the Elbow River meet.”

It is here, that I live, grow and create.

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