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WakeFull Wellness Registered Massage Therapy and HealingSpace is owned and operated by Wakefield Brewster, RMT.

Wakefield is an Honours Graduate of Makami College of Registered Massage Therapy. He excelled in his studies and was the recipient of the award for Most Requested Student Therapist in Clinic and Outstanding Achievement. En route to achieving registration, he had the opportunities to also study Anatomy & Physiology, Osteology & Myology, Clinical Massage, Therapeutic Exercise, Nutrition, Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy, Orthopedic Assessment, Basic Psychology and Multiple Modalities.

Possessing a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, being a daily workout enthusiast and an avid walker have been key to his own personal Health and Wellness achievements. This lifestyle has earned him a working knowledge of General Health, Wellness Fitness and Body Mechanics, directly applicable to his Massage Therapy Practices.

Absolutely Amazing Vibes! I’ll be back!


You can tell he knows what he doing. You know you’re in good hands.


Insightful, energizing, wonderful as always!


Wakefield is one of the best RMTs I’ve ever been to. He is very interested in the care of his clients and I would highly recommend. Always a professional experience. 


As always, PERFECTION!


An AHHHH-MAZING experience is to be had with every WakeFull Wellness visit. The super clean, warm, cozy atmosphere (including great tunes is Bluetooth your own!) and Wakefield’s uncanny ability to liste, assess and treat tension held in the human body truly transcends what anyone knows as traditional Massage Therapy!


Amazing place! Awesome therapist, super professional! 10/10!


Everything about WakeFull Wellness is absolutely amazing!


It was a great experience, had such a good sleep last night! Feel so much better and more energetic, today. Wonderful healer, everything was perfect, I would strongly recommend this therapist to everyone.


To his credit, one of his greatest career moments is having the opportunity to work on the Athletes and Acrobats of Cirque Du Soleil in their 2019 trip to Calgary.

Some of the modalities in which he is trained include, Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue/Sport, Focussed Therapeutic, Silicone Cupping, Basalt Hot Stone Therapy, Marble Cold Stone Therapy, Myofascial Release, Aromatherapy, Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy, Percussion Therapy and more.

Soon to come, his budding studies in Reiki and Reflexology will eventually flourish into levels of professional practice as well, with the intention of combining the 3Rs into a trifecta of Holistic Hand Healing, fusing the practicality of Registered Massage Therapy with Eastern, Alternative and Integrative Practices. In time, clients will have the option of multiple Registered Massage Services that may merge with Reflexology and/or Reiki for a full Body, Mind, Spirit Wellness Experience.

WakeFull Wellness “My Heart Is In My Hands & My Hands Are Here To Help” ~w.